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Sharpness: Comparison Canon EF 70-210 4.0 Macro vs. Canon EF 70-200 4.0 L IS

Ok, may be this not really fair ... because the old 70- 210 is about 20 years old now and available for about 100 € (used), where the 70- 200 4.0 L IS is relative new belongs to the profi line "L" and costs about 10 times more (about 1.000 €).

I bought the old tele lens first, because I read, that it should have a really good optical performance. After taking some pictures I was some what unsurprised because of missing sharpness. Especially when using 4.0 and looking at the corners ...

After a while I saved enough bugs to buy my first L lens and I decided for the 70-200 4.0 IS. Now I was interrested in a comparison between those two lenses. There is a huge difference, as you will see on the pictures below. In my opinion the old 70-210 is far away from razor sharp, while you can produce sharp images, but not at the corners and starting with aperture 6,7.

How did I take these pictures? I used the M setting of the camera and a tripod and took a picture of the newspaper. I decided for the small font page of stocks. I didn't used sharpening of Photoshop or some thing.

Here is a overview image.

Overview of the newspaper page

As you can see I chose the upper left corner of the image for the 100% crop below. All shot are made at 70mm ... I am told, that things don't improve, if you use 210mm.


Here you go:

  1. Aperture f4
  2. Canon EF 70-210 4.0 Macro Canon EF 70- 200 4.0 L IS

  3. Aperture f8
  4. Canon EF 70-210 f8 70mm

    Canon EF 70-200 L 4.0 IS


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